Mermaid Castle Siam [Bangkok]

📍 n @mermaidcastle.siam for store

Siam Square Soi 2

This mermaid cafe is super cute 😆😆

When i was going to this cafe on afternoon around 3pm tgere was some bazaar stall in front of the road and the clothes they sell is a bit different than other nights market, me personally thing they sell pretty n swag clothes that you will be difficult to find it anywhere else in Bangkok with this price.

Anyway this cafe is super near with Stylenanda Bangkok ❤️ (only few doors away)

Mermaid Castle Siam consist of 4 different floors, 1st & 2nd floors was a store where all the mermaid cutest things were sell, from accessories, swimwear and clothes for adults n kids you can find it here.

The cafe was in 3rd & 4th floors, and there is no minimum charge to eat and take photos in 3rd floors but if you wish to go to 4th floors there is minimum charge.

The owner itself is super nice, i was came in group of 6 and we all are allowed to go upstairs and see first then decide we will sit on 3rd or 4th floors 😆

Our Group Photo 😆

To eat in 4th floor there is minimum charge and we think that as usual 1person must order 1tem. But again the nice owner tell us that we can order only 1 tea set to go up.

Tea set (include hot chocolate) 590baht

On the 4th floor there were many spots to take pictures as you can see above, and so many pillows that you can use as props 😆 also mermaid tails you can use it for free to take photos 😆

The cakes itself i can’t say their delicious but they look super cute ❤️ and for the hot chocolate is nice,warm n super rich in taste!

Peek a Booo

Make sure to take photos with those cute cakes first 😆😆😆😆😆

Thanks a lot for reading ❤️

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